The MLGH Conference brings together a multidisciplinary group of scholars and scientists for two exciting days of exploration and debate on the interrelated issues of labor migration, occupational health, and economics.

International migration is a phenomenon that involves 244 million people worldwide, most of whom move in search of work and wellbeing. Migration is projected to increase in the future, related to geographic and economic disparities, climate change and political events, such that all nations must contend with the societal shifts that are brought about by human movement. Solutions to the challenge of migration must be multi-sector and coordinated.

The Conference serves as a platform to explore the multidisciplinary aspects of migration and their impact on health. Conference highlights include plenary and keynote sessions, panel discussions, student poster sessions and a conference reception at a location on the UC Davis campus.

About the organizers

Migration and Health Research Center (MAHRC)

The Migration and Health Research Center’s mission is to improve the health of migrants globally through research, promoting awareness, dissemination of research findings and international partnerships. MAHRC is co‐directed by Marc Schenker, Distinguished Professor of Public Health Sciences and Medicine at UC Davis and Xochitl Castaneda, Director of the Health Initiative of the Americas at the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley. (www.mahrc.ucdavis.edu)

Migration Research Cluster

The Migration Research Cluster is part of the UC Davis Interdisciplinary Frontiers Program and aims to promote the study of topics related to immigration. The group brings together scholars from the departments of Economics, History, Law, Human Development, Political Science and Sociology and focuses on the social, cultural and economic aspects of migrations, the policies that regulate them and their consequences. Giovanni Peri, Professor of Economics, is the Director of the Migration Research Cluster. (www.migrationcluster.ucdavis.edu)

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Migration and Health Research Center
Migration Research Cluster
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