This conference is a two-day exploration of the demographic, occupational health, economic and policy aspects of migrant labor and global health that will bring together international scholars and researchers, policy practitioners, students and others in plenary, keynote and panel sessions. The conference will host 2 poster sessions broadly related to the four conference thematic segments. We welcome abstracts for academic projects that concern migration as it relates to health, medicine, law, public policy, economics, demography, sociology, social welfare and related disciplines.

Poster presentations will be organized along the following themes:

  1. Demographic trends, migration and global health
  2. Occupational health of Immigrant workers
  3. Economic determinants and consequences of migrants' health
  4. Policy solutions and strategies improving migrants' health
  5. Access to health of migrants

Guidelines for Completing Abstracts for Posters:

  • Abstracts will be accepted in English only.
  • Abstracts should be limited to 250 words.
  • Abstracts should indicate the conference theme under which it is being submitted.
  • Names of all the authors, institutional affiliation and email information should be indicated. Please limit submissions to one abstract per lead author.
  • Abstracts should detail an overview, aims of the study, methodology and findings.
  • All abstracts should be submitted through the website by the deadline listed below.

The submission deadline has passed. Notification of acceptance: December 15.

For questions, please contact

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