Thursday, March 2, 2017: Demography

A Nation of Nations: A Great American Immigration Story
Tom Gjelten

Global Health Challenges and Policy Responses for Migrant Workers
Nancy Leppink

Country of Birth, Ethnicity and Race: Providing Insights into the Causes and Consequences of (Cardiovascular) Disease
Raj Bhopal

Unauthorized Immigrants: Trends and Perspectives
Jeffrey S. Passel


Thursday, March 2, 2017: Occupational Health

Occupational Health of Migrant and Immigrant Workers
John Howard

Migrant Labor, Health and Human Trafficking
Cathy Zimmerman

US Refugee Resettlement: Health Lessons from an Organized Resettlement Process
William Stauffer

Immigration, Work, and Health
Michael Flynn

Health and Safety Issues Among Nail Salons
Thu Quach


Friday, March 3, 2017: Economics

Inflection Point! Immigration Policies in Advanced Industrial Societies in the Age of Trump
Demetrios Papademetrious

Mirgration and Development: A Roadmap to Global Impact
Dilip Ratha

Immigration and its Discontents: International Migration after Brexit, Trump, and Brussels
Neeraj Kaushal

The Immigration Experience in Canada and the U.S. in the Context of Growing Inequality and Austerity
Daniyal Zuberi


Friday, March 3, 2017: Public Policy

Advancing Migration Health Policy Through Evidence-Based, Intersectoral Approaches
Kolitha Wickramage

Migration Health Research to Advance Evidence Based Policy and Practice in Sri Lanka
International Organization for Migration

Immigration Law and Enforcement in the Trump Years
Kevin R. Johnson

Nativism, Media Narratives and Migrant Health
Roberto Suro

PAHO/WHO's Public Health Perspectives
Julietta Rodriguez-Guzman

Improving Data Collection to Advance Health Equity in an Increasingly Diverse U.S.
Alfonso Rodriguez-Lainz

Immigrants and Healthcare: Sources of Vulnerability
Kathryn Pitkin Derose


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